Some questions are answered right here.

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Q: How do I join?

A: Membership to Life Lounge SD is through invitation or application. Members invite interested parties to join us. Once a member invites a prospective member and notifies us, we will send out instructions.

Q: Are guests allowed to attend events?

A: Guests are allowed to attend selected events but LLSD must be notified of their attendance by the inviting member. Some gatherings are FREE and others, like our quarterly keynote speaker events will carry a ticket fee. (*Notes members receive 2 free guest passes per year. If a member exhausts their guest passes, they are still entitled to bring additional guests for a ticket fee.)

Q: I’d like to try it out and attend an event before I commit. How can I do this?

A: Our community is based on trust. For members by members. This means if a referring member suggests your participation, then they are confident you’ll be a terrific new member of our family. A referring member can bring you as a guest under their 2 free passes per year or you can pay to attend an event for a registration fee. Production of our events is expensive as with any function, so we do not allow attendance unless the above mentioned occurs. *Note: one-time ticket registration fees do not apply toward membership fees. These tickets are $99

Q: How many events do you have per year?

A: There are a variety of activities and growing all the time. There are 4 large quarterly events per year. Plus, we host subject matter ‘Briefings’ throughout the year, mastermind sessions, intensives and other gatherings. (*There are additional fees for mastermind sessions and intensives-members receive 20% discount on pricing.)

Q: What if I join and want to leave the group?

A: We do not offer refunds of membership fees.

Q: How do I download the member’s app?

A: Simply go to an app store, type in ‘Life Lounge SD’ and download it. the app will ask for your email address. Then, a notification will be sent to us. If you are a LLSD member your request will be approved and the app will go active and you’ll be able to access it. Remember, this app is a private application available only to members.